Modern Architects Sussex

What is the purpose of investing in modern architects in Sussex?

Architects are highly competent and correctly qualified individuals who can make your dreams a reality. They will walk you through the design, planning, and construction process, whether you are building a new structure or modifying an existing one.

So, how do we work?

At RHJB Architects we offer a comprehensive strategy that guarantees we leave no stone unturned during our time spent with you, taking into account your design requirements, vision, and budget.

Beginning with a brief assessment, we will explore your requirements to comprehend and convey your vision. We then like to see you at your house or project site to examine how you live, review site-specific features and discuss preliminary ideas. We then proceed to full concept design, creating sketches and CAD 3D models for you to review.

Following that, we’ll concentrate on generating planning drawings before moving on to technical designs, which entail coordinating and preparing Building Regulation submissions and construction details.

Finally, we’ll proceed to the construction stage, where we’ll act as your agents on-site and review the work as it progresses with the contractor.

To discuss your ideas about a modern design, get in touch with our team to get the ball rolling. Please contact us via the contact page, to set up a no-obligation 30min call to discuss your project, and don’t forget to find and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.