Do I need an Architect?

Frankly, if you have a clear idea of what you want, the project is comparatively simple, you understand the exact space arrangements, how you plan to integrate spaces, particularly on an extension project and importantly you have a reliable builder you trust, then it is possible you do not need an architect.

However, even so, should you go this route you are missing a key opportunity that comes from working with an Architect.

Do you value design and ideas? if so, firstly you can benefit from the vast amount of design training, experience and expertise an Architect can bring to any project. Interpreting your brief, your goals for the project, understanding your wants, hopes and dreams, and how you live and indeed wish to live, work, and relax is critical to the success of any project. Importantly Architects can bring forward design ideas you would never have considered, exploiting opportunities you may have missed, and introducing excitement and flair which will enrich your home. This will provide a wealth of enjoyment with improved functionality and style, not to mention the potential of increased home value.

For this one reason alone, we would fully expect an architect’s fees to fully pay for themselves in opening you up to opportunities, realised in the realisation of the final value seen in your home.

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