Movers Lane

+ Barking, East London

Set on a prominent corner site on a busy arterial road leading from the A13 to Barking town centre, our clients initially engaged us to provide feasibility and concept designs to aid viability studies to develop this former petrol station site. This quickly progressed to detailed design work and a formal planning application.

In depth pre-application discussions with the local authority established the potential size and scale that would be acceptable, at which point we set about creating a scheme that efficiently used the site, respected the terraced houses which flanked it on either side, whilst providing a clear visual identity. In line with our studio style and ambitious clients, we were able to play to the strength of this regenerating area, producing a thoroughly modern and considered scheme.

Form, specifically articulation and materials played key roles in being able to provide a viable yield of properties for our clients, within a building which was beautifully articulated to such a degree it reflected a considered combination of several buildings. This harked back to the common terraced dwellings in the locale, of which we chose to exaggerate this profile form by extruding the profile through the building, presenting a homage across the leading flank wall.

The scheme and overall design was received favourably by the planners and recommended for approval. When called before committee the project was passed unanimously!