To The Point

+ Borough High Street, London SE1

We were approached by Simon Hutton, MD at tothepoint initially asking if there was anything that could be done to refurbish their dated reception desk. Seizing the opportunity, we went one step further! It was clear that we could bring some fresh ideas to the table, so we looked at the whole studio space and ways to give tothepoint a crafted environment to show off the great work they do. Bespoke furniture, concealed storage, new facilities and a great new meeting room were presented to show how we could achieve this.

The reception area is the first port of call for visitors, client and staff alike. This desk and the studio at large silently speak volumes for tothepoint and the companies who share this creative environment. Not only did we seek to improve the immediate image of the studio, we felt that there was a huge opportunity to enrich the exciting and characterful space.

We set about creating a journey through the office, from entrance and reception, through the creative core, culminating at a simple yet striking meeting room. The beauty of the existing studio is its historical charm, with barefaced brickwork, low ceilings, columns, and exposed beams, all boasting the industrial heritage of the wider premises. Our strategy was to work within this, with a light touch that essentially assisted in defining spaces and building on this existing and strong aesthetic.

…we can see how they (RHJB) add value to our space and working environment and create a fantastic canvas to showcase our work…

Simon Hutton MD tothepoint. Client

The tothepoint project is typical of the level of importance we place on not only assessing a client’s initial brief but also looking at the wider environment when considering change on any level. In many cases this is a collaborative process involving our clients, their open-mindedness, their understanding of what an Architect can bring to the table, and obviously, their budget. We are proud of the proposals and delighted that Simon and the tothepoint team bought into the principles behind the concept at its infancy. The excitement for the project from top to bottom is enlivening and heralds a great working relationship moving forward.