Elevation Old meets New
Dynamic angles
Prop Twilight

Warminster Road

+ South Norwood

This is a wonderfully characterful victorian villa, which suffers from a common ill. Where the front of the property is glorious, however the existing rear in design terms is mean and neglected, suffering from a very poor relationship to a large mature garden.

Our clients approached us looking to reinvigorate this newly aquired home, bringing into the 21st century fit for them as a family with two incredibly energetic sons.

The house boasts a split plan configuration of some 7 levels. Using this as part of our inspiration, we looked to open up the rear of the property with multiple levels to compliment the existing format. In tandem we sought to enliven the existing plan and utilise forgotten spaces, to create new areas within the existing foot print across all levels, to meet a modern family’s needs. Connecting existing rooms to form suites and rearranging storage and bathroom accommodation simplified the offering, bringing unexpected options to our clients attention.

The rear extended space incorporates our staple design cues, introducing swathes of natural light, high ceilings and direct connections to the garden. Large format sliding doors frame views of the mature garden, whilst from outside, the form of the proposals was conceived to frame the internal environment. The entire rear accommodation is geared towards family space and entertaining, with Kitchen and Dining spaces linked at level to the garden, whilst an adjacent day lounge is found at a higher level suspended in the air, projecting into the garden.

Our material palette was kept simple employing both larch timber and stainless steel. The steel emphasises the framing offered to each box form, whilst the angled timber returns within provide further focus from outside to in and visa versa.

The new addition is overtly contemporary with a language that stretches from ground floor to roof to maintain a consistent design aesthetic across the development. This has been interlaced with the existing building, by reclaiming brick from demolished elements and reusing this to redefine the rear elevation. Here new window reveals with accented angled brick reveals again mixes both old & new palettes as well as forms, to deliver a considered and highly detailed scheme.

We were and remain enthused by the trust placed in us by our clients, and the subsequent freedom this afforded the design. This has resulted in a strikingly bold solution, we are all incredibly proud of.