WHSG Grammar School

+ Westcliff, Essex

Designed by Richard Hobden whilst Project Architect at Emptage Architects. This was a significant extension to this renowned Grammar School in Essex.

Some 2000m2, over 2 & 3 floors, this extension was street facing with significant prominence in the street scene and for the school. It directly joined to a pre-war character building of some stature, which is held in high regard by the local borough.

In tandem with the client’s aspirations for the school, an overtly contemporary style was adopted to provide an extensive array of new facilities for the school, replacing run down temporary structures. Form, layout and a strong yet simple material palette all play their part in creating this dynamic structure, which has subsequently set the standard for further onsite development.

The design was embraced by the local planners and approved with minimal conditions. Subsequently the building received award recognition from the local authority and is used as a benchmark for new school developments throughout the borough.

Design: By R Hobden whilst an Architect at Emptage Architects.

Photos: Emptage Architects