What is an architectural project brief?

When working with an architect, he or she will explain the various project journey stages that are required to complete the project. These are outlined on our website, here https://www.rhjbarchitects.com/studio-2/

First and foremost, your architect will prepare a document in consultation with you, the Client. This document is known as the “project brief” and forms part of the first stage, “Brief Determination”.

Gathering this important information enables your architect to provide a scope of their services, a timeline, and a fee for their works. Please, don’t worry, a good architect will chat to you and “extract” this information to formulate the brief with you. The more concise the information that goes into the brief, the more specific and personal the design will be, which will make it more successful!

Ascertaining your goals is critical. Think of it as a wish list of what you would love to achieve.

The following are things to consider:

  • Clients often start with considering their existing home. What works and what doesn’t? What would you like to change?
  • Who will use the space? Do you have a family with certain requirements? How many people are likely to use the spaces, and what do they use them for? For example, do you work from home, or are you looking for an open plan kitchen, dining and lounge space, as well as a separate formal lounge or snug? Do you work from home and therefore require a quiet home office space? How do you train or relax, is a swimming pool and/or a home gym high on your priority list? Would you like something more than a garage for your prized car?
  • Are there any particular features that are really important to you? You may, for example, love to cook and entertain and dream of having a glorious kitchen and dining space. These priorities should be included as early as possible to ensure they are considered from the outset of the design.
  • Storage – we nearly all crave more storage! Do you have any specific needs or hobbies that need catering for here?
  • Are there any curious or specific elements that you would love to see included, such as a dog bath?
  • Materials – are there any specific materials or surfaces that you would love to see included? Equally, are there any you really dislike? This is important to ensure the design style is aligned with your tastes. You may wish to share a scrapbook, or images, a Pinterest board, or similar.
  • Are there any constraints that you know of relating to your property, for example, any restrictive covenants in your deeds that might impact development?
  • Do you have a specific timeline in mind for the project? i.e. When would you ideally like to complete the project?
  • Have you considered the budget you have available for the work? If not please read our blog on How much will an extension cost? https://www.rhjbarchitects.com/how-much-will-an-extension-cost/

All the above applies regardless of whether you are keen to develop a new home or extend and renovate your existing home.

Once the project brief is recorded, it will form an essential point of reference for you and your architect to refer to at all stages of your project journey.

A good architect will work with you at this early stage to consider the opportunities and constraints. For example, is your property Listed, or does it fall within a Green Belt Area? They will also consider what may or may not be achievable for your budget and timescale.

This information will all be gathered and culminate in a formal Architectural Appointment. This document will record what you are looking to achieve, what services your architect will provide, and the fees they will charge.

In conclusion, it is imperative to the success of your project, to work with an architect that listens! Investing the time upfront to really consider what you are looking to achieve, and what you love will allow your architect to respond with a considered and truly bespoke design that best fulfils your objectives.

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